Ann Arbor Moose Sportsman’s News Letter

January and February 2015


The Sportsman’s hope you had a safe and successful deer hunting season.  We had a number of folks who harvested some nice deer from the club.  Congratulations to those folks.

We are in the middle of Turkey Shoot season. Come out and try your luck and support the club.  10 or 15 more shooters would really help the success of the shoots. The next scheduled turkey shoots are January 11 and February 8 from 1 to 4PM.  It’s the lucky pellet closest to the “X” in the Turkey Target Eye that will win you the prize of Dearborn ham, or bacon.

The Sportsmen’s Shotgun Sports winter shooting hours have been changed. We will only be open on Sundays for January, February and March.  This only applies to the Trap and Five Stand (rifle and pistol ranges are still open 7 days a week) but it also means the kitchen will only be open on Sunday.  If a group of 12 or more would like to shoot on Saturday, we will open it on request. Call Dan James @ 734 355 5210 to arrange for this request.   And yes, there is heat from of a campfire for the trap shooters and the Holland wood burning stove for the five stand shooters so quit worrying about the cold. Also the Archery Range has been closed because your arrows can’t be removed from the Foam Targets, the arrow shaft heats up on the way in and freezes to the foam making removal impossible.

And congratulations to Herb Klein as he is was appointed Trustee at the last meeting. We’d also like to Thank Chris and Butch Zinc for installing the electrical service for our emergency generator.

Sportsman’s Membership Meetings are January 15th and February 19th at 7:00PM at the Clubhouse. All applicants have to attend a meeting, be accepted by the membership and complete 16hrs for work at the club before they are full members of the club.

Mark your calendars for our Annual Sportsman’s Meeting on March 28th @ 7:30 PM at the main Lodge. Election of officers will be held at that time. We’ll be having a special dinner that night so plan on a night of food and fun. Our year starts on April 1st with all Sportsmen having to renew at that time. A letter will be sent to each Sportsmen with more details.

We need the help of more members in the day to day operation of the club. Please step up and be an active member in the operation of the Sportsman’s.  It’s time to give a few hours of your time to help out and give a break to the board of officers that work so hard. Be more than just a member. Please get involved and learn how to set up and operate the trap and five stand fields. You will make new friends and after all this is Your Club.  And by the way membership for the Sportsmen’s League is at an all time high with over 200 members for this year.  But we still need more members to participate in the day to day running of the club.

The Lodge needs the full support of every Sportsmen. Come enjoy the fellowship and the food on a regular basis. In order for the Sportsmen League to succeed, the Lodge has to be successful. We are the host Lodge for the 2015 Michigan Moose Golf Tournament. The Board is asking that every Sportsmen volunteer their time to this important event next summer. This is of vital importance to the success of the Lodge and needs everyone’s support. There will be signup sheets at the Lodge for you to fill out. As part of this we are expecting all new applicants to the Sportsmen to fulfill part of their 16hr obligation by volunteering for this event.

We would like to Thank everyone that has helped make the Sportsman’s League what it is today.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated.

See you at the Range.

The Sportsmen’s Board of Officers